Frequently Asked Questions

What is JASPER?

JASPER is an evidence-based, targeted social communication intervention developed for children at high risk for autism spectrum disorder. The primary goal is to develop moments of engagement and to create moments throughout the day to focus on developing social skills. 


Are you currently enrolling participants?

Yes! Enrollment for our study is ongoing, which means if your child falls between 12 and 36 months at the time of enrollment, your family may be eligible to begin the study. If your child is not yet 12 months, we encourage you to contact our research team to begin the study when they age in.

Where does the study take place?

Research sites are located at UCLA in Los Angeles and Boston Children's Hospital. You and your child will need to visit the research site 6 times over 18-21 months. 8 weekly intervention sessions will occur remotely using video conferencing.

We are now offering remote intervention to all participants! We also provide parking and child care for every visit, and reimbursement for some travel expenses. Please contact the study team to find out more!

How involved are the caregivers?

JASPER intervention is a parent-mediated therapy, which means that part of the weekly intervention session will include hands-on training to teach caregivers how to implement the social communication strategies at home. Caregivers will also have weekly phone calls with interventionists to discuss successes and challenges of at-home intervention.

What happens when I enroll?

Once you decide to enroll in the study, you'll first come to the research site for your child's entry assessment, which includes behavioral testing, parent questionnaires, and EEG. At your first assessment, you will be randomized to either an immediate treatment group or a 6-month waitlist treatment group. Both groups will receive 12 weeks of intervention (in-person and remote) and 4 behavioral assessments (in-person).

What if my family cannot accommodate the travel commitment?

If your family is unable to commit to 6 in-person visits to the research site in Los Angeles or Boston and 8 remote intervention sessions, you can still be involved in the study through a single visit to a research site! Please contact the research team to find out how.