Frequently Asked Questions:

What is JASPER?

JASPER is an evidence-based, targeted social communication intervention developed for children with ASD. The primary goal is to develop moments of engagement and to create moments throughout the day to focus on developing social skills. The main focus of the intervention is on play - play is motivating for kids and what they tend to enjoy.

Is JASPER different from other therapies?

JASPER is a naturalistic developmental intervention; it merges developmental and behavioral research into a unified intervention model. It can be integrated as part of an existing therapy program to focus specifically on social communication skills. JASPER intervention takes a child's development into account, and identifies individual target areas.

How do I know if my child needs JASPER?

JASPER was originally developed for children with autism, but it is expected to benefit a wide range of children. There is flexibility in the targets of intervention, and is always personalized to the child. Many young participants do not have an autism diagnosis, and about half of children enrolled may have clinically significant ASD symptoms. Some may have developmental concerns, and may have clinically relevant social symptoms. Throughout our study, parents will receive feedback on development and additional guidance for treatment and therapy.

Does starting JASPER earlier improve outcomes?

JASPER works on foundational skills, and expands these skills as children get older. The intervention adjusts to wherever the child is at developmentally, and we see good outcomes whether a child starts early or a little later.